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Hello everyone!

It’s the New Year, so something new just happened to me and my blog.  I now have a new blog that you can follow:

I hope you could still all come and visit.  I’ve had a lovely time with you all.  Thanks!


My Broken Heart


I’ve missed blogging my monthly entries regarding my mails, but the last few days have been torture.  And blogging was the last thing I wanted to do.  Here’s why.

My heart breaks everytime I get my monthly period.  For someone who has been trying to conceive for so long, this is the time when it hurts the most.  I thought this month would be “it” because I was delayed by a week already and it has never happened before.  I have such regular periods that I can predict which date it will come.  Still it came and all my hopes came crushing down.  I cried buckets and called my husband who works a city away from where we live and told him how sad I was.  I know he is sad, too and understands how I feel.  Not wanting to make him sadder, I just said I’ll be okay and ended the call.  After going home from duty, I again cried and felt sadder than I was before.  I don’t know how to explain it in the most accurate of words, but it feels like my heart has been crushed into dust.  I know that I have to build up hope and faith again to go on and carry on our desire to have a baby.  But at this moment all I feel is loss…

Heaven help me get my heart back in one piece.


Penpal Directory, Sort-Of


Before I go to the topic, I’d like to share with you all that I just got my nursing license to practice in the UAE.  Whoohoo!  It entailed a lot of travelling for me via public transportation, but it was all worth it.  Great feeling actually! ^_^

Anyway, here’s to my topic.  I’ve been meeting new pen friends in the last couple of weeks and I have yet to organize all the letters and postcards that I am continuously receiving.  So, I’ve decided to make a sort-of directory of all the profiles of my penpals in one book/notebook with all their details written on it.  As time goes by, it would be nice to have easy access to certain details about them right away.  Hence, by tomorrow I shall be doing just that and maybe I could finish and show to you all the finished products.  But it will not be complete as I have to ask these new friends to fill up some sort of bio for me to include in that directory.  And you know how the post goes.  It has its own whims as to how fast they delivery your mail.  Hope all goes well.

Thanks for reading!

My Mailbox is Not Lonely Anymore!


I’ve been pretty cheerful these past few days.  Why, you ask?  Well, my mailbox had been giving me something to smile about.  I even got a surprise when I checked it last Tuesday night because it was full.  Literally.  Loads of postcards came in and a reply letter from the Greek goddess herself ~ Kalliopi!  Hehehe.  So, I’m scheduling a day next week to reply to all my incoming.

If mails keep pouring in like it does right now, then the upcoming holidays sure looks promising!  ^_^


October Incoming/Outgoing Mails


October turned out to be a very busy month for me in terms of letter writing and swapping.  So, let me share with you what has been going on lately.

Lovely postcards I received recently.

Direct swap from Dieter in Liepzig, Germany…

According to Dieter’s note, the postcard features the ‘small’ castle close to Liepzig’s city center ~ Gohliser.  And because our swap was a success, we decided for a second!


Another direct swap from a postcrosser, Anna, in the Ukraine…

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in a lovely place such as this?


An unexpected letter of reply from Katherine in Canada…

Aren’t those horses pretty cute???


Mia in the UK, my newest penfriend, sent me her latest reply…

It was doubly nice of her to enclose another postcard for me.  This time featuring Caernarvon Castle.


I also received the much anticipated swap ~ sticker sheets from my swap partner, Terry, in the USA…

She not only sent me stickers but she also enclosed a printed notecard featuring a butterfly and a birdcage.  ^_^


I also received Kalliopi of Greece’s introductory letter.  It was a li’l intense – lots of questions for me to answer and lots of people’s names that I have to keep track of for future reference.  Guess Kalliopi just wants to know me really well and in turn she wants me to know her pretty well, too.


As for my outgoing mails, I’ve sent out five swaps around the world.

1) A postcard of UAE’s falcon to Sherry in Alaska, USA for Swap-Bot’s ‘Lonely Mailbox’ swap…

2) An introductory letter to Petra in Belgium for Swap-Bot’s ‘PenPal Int’l Women aged 35-45’…

3) A postcard of Abu Dhabi’s museaum to Brittney in Michigan, USA for Swap-Bot’s ‘Random Postcard Swap# 15’…

4) And ‘My Bucket List’ to Katrina in Singapore for Swap-Bot’s ‘My Bucket List’ swap…

Additionally, I have mailed my first reply to Kalliopi in Greece…

Can’t wait to receive more incoming in the next few days.  At the moment, I have several letters to reply to which I intend to send before Tuesday as it is already November.  Whoa!  How time definitely flies.

Anyway, paint me contented in October. ^_^  Thanks for reading!

The Flu Sucks


I have been down with the flu and its classic symptoms of cough and colds, runny nose, body aches, fever, and headache.  I really hate getting sick, but I guess the year long respite from the flu has run its course.  In the meantime, I just have to deal with it head-on and all I can think of is cozy myself up in bed.  Unfortunately, I can’t because I have to get to work.  Sigh.  Tonight is my second night of four nights duty.  I hope no admissions in my ward.

On the brighter side, though, I have received several mails these past few days.  Tomorrow is my schedule to sit down and make my replies.  ^_^


Empty Mailboxes


It has been a week since I have received any new mail.  And it makes me anxious.  Hehehe.  I guess I was getting used to receiving at least one letter a week.  My hubby and sister told me to not go on checking my PO box everytime I post a letter to some new friends around the world.  Sigh.  It would seem that I have to limit my visiting my mailbox to once a week.  😦

So far, it seems that UAE’s postal service is reliable.  I have received mails from Canada, USA, and UK without glitch.  I also know that my mails to Germany, USA, Netherlands and UK were successful because I got email feedbacks from the recipients.  Now, I have to make sure which countries my mail do not reach and which countries cannot send me mails.  As of this writing, I have learned that I cannot receive mails from Israel because of some political reason.  Duh.  But I can send mails to Israel.  Talk about double standard.  Anyhow, I won’t voice an opinion as this is p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s.

On a lighter note, I took a photo of my PO box with some mails in it – to not seem lonely.

Isn’t it neat?  I have a blue PO box!  Lucky me.

Also, just sharing a photo of me dropping off my mail into the postboxes.

They’re postcards of my ‘orphans’ that I am sending back to BonnieJeanne in the USA.  I hope she gets it fast.  I am excited to read about them in her blog.  I will definitely share the post when she blogs about them soon to y’all.

And lastly, alas, I have a Greek penpal and she’s about my age!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will click and be friends for a long, long time like what she said in her email to me. ^_^

Happy blogging to all!